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Freaks Like You (Freaks, #1) Tessa Teevan

Freaks Like You (Freaks, #1)

Tessa Teevan

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

*Unofficial Synopsis and Cover*Josephine Adams has always been a magnet for trouble, a fact that didnt change when she left her hometown and drove two-thousand miles across the country to go to a school where no one knows her name. One after one, a series of unfortunate events befalls her, each one more troubling than the next.Just when she thinks this last event will be the end of her, a mysterious handsome stranger swoops in to save the day. And Josie. Instead of thanking him, however, she flees the scene, almost as fearful of him as she is her attackers, because what she just witnessed? It cant be considered natural. No human being could do what he did, and she isnt sticking around to find out how.So when he sits down next to her in Biological Anthropology and introduces himself as Bennett Taft, that answers the question of who is he.But it still begs the question... what is he?