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The Bodyguard Lena Diaz

The Bodyguard

Lena Diaz

Published 2014
ISBN : 9780263244533
381 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

SHE HAD NO ONE TO FIGHT FOR HER-UNTIL ONE POWERFUL BODYGUARD REFUSED TO LEAVE HER SIDE.Her perfect marriage was a sham and Caroline Ashton had the physical and emotional wounds to prove it. With nothing left to lose, Caroline is ready to walk away—and hires Luke Dawson as her personal bodyguard. But before he can do more than secure her a safe house, Caroline stumbles upon the body of the man shed fought day and night to escape. Now, confronted with fears beyond anything she ever imagined, Luke is the only man she can trust. Putting her life in someone elses hands isnt easy, but Caroline knows survival never is. Besides, Lukes proven himself to be a worthy protector—one wholl stop at nothing to see she never suffers again….