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The Worshippers Damon Knight

The Worshippers

Damon Knight

ISBN : 9781604248722
48 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

-------------- Destiny reached out a hand to Algernon-------------- Weaver-but he was a timid man, at first.---------------But on the strange world of Terranova, there-------------- was much to be learned-of destiny, and-------------- other things....from the introductory:It was a very different thing, Algernon Weaver decided, actually to travel in space. When you read about it, or thought about it in terms of what you read, it was more a business of going from one name to another. Algol to Sirius. Aldebaran to Epsilon Ceti. You read the names, and the descriptions that went with them, and the whole thing-although breathtaking in concept, of course, when you really stopped to meditate on it-became rather ordinary and prosaic and somehow more understandable.Not that he had ever approved. No. He had that, at least, to look back upon- he had seen the whole enterprise as pure presumption, and had said so. Often. The heavens were the heavens, and Earth was Earth. It would have been better-much better for all concerned-if it had been left that way.He had held that opinion, he reminded himself gratefully, from the very beginning, when it was easy to think otherwise. Afterward, of course-when the first star ships came back with the news that space was aswarm with creatures who did not even resemble Man, and had never heard of him, and did not think much of him when they saw him.... Well, who but an idiot could hold any other opinion?If only the Creator had not seen fit to make so many human beings in His image but without His common sense....Well, if He hadnt then for one thing, Weaver would not have been where he was now, staring out an octagonal porthole at an endless sea of diamond-pierced blackness, with the empty ship humming to itself all around him.